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Al Sharpton Net Worth

AL Sharpton Net Worth

Al Sharpton is a radio host and minister with a net worth of $5 million. He’s made his money preaching on the radio, becoming a famous face and putting himself out there in the general public so that he could further his career and take his life to the next level. The New York-native earns the bulk of his income in radio, hosting shows such as “Keepin’ it Real,” and regularly contributing to news shows and some of the biggest nightly news programs in the country. Often a controversial figure for his beliefs and his outlook of many things, he decided to make a run for President in the past, though it did not get him anywhere.

His life history is fascinating, however. He gave his first sermon when he was only four. By the time he was nine, Reverend Al Sharpton was an ordained minister. Throughout his childhood, Al Sharpton spent many years preaching and working for the Lord, and he even decided to further his education by attending college when he graduated from high school. However, he only lasted two years before he decided that college was not the right job for him and that he would quit school and do something more fulfilling. That’s when he became the tour manager for singing sensation James Brown. While it might not have earned him much money, his career and his income were about to get a lot more influential and important over the coming few years.

His childhood was fraught with turmoil. He was on tour with a gospel singer by the name of Mahalia Jackson when he was just a child. When he was only a child, his father left his mother so that he could begin having a relationship with the half-sister of Sharpton, which was something that the family worked very hard to keep under wraps for obvious reasons.

It wasn’t until a bit later in his life that he began working as a religious activist for the African American community, standing up for people such as Ousmane Zongo, a West African immigrant shot and killed by an undercover police officer in a raid on a warehouse in NY. He also stood up for people such as Sean Bell and Tyisha Miller. He’s spent a great deal of time in jail for his involvement in protests. He is often the advocate for victims he believes are the subjects of police brutality, advocating for their families on behalf of the deceased so that they are able to at least find some comfort through compensation for what he believes is wrongful death.

Reverend Al Sharpton also ran for president back in 2008, though he was not nominated for the bid and he ran as a democrat. Whether or not he will eventually run again for president is unknown, but many speculate that he might run in the future because he works so closely with the White House administration right now and he has a love of politics and all that goes along with it.

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