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Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce is a singer and performer, business owner and CEO with a net worth of $450 million individually. When you combine her individual net worth and her husband Jay-Z’s net worth of $650 million, her total net worth rises to more than $1 billion. The two are one of the wealthiest couples in the music industry, and Beyonce is a power player in the game. She’s been in the public eye for more than 2 decades, yet she manages to keep her private life surprisingly private despite being part of the one of the biggest and most famous girl groups in the world as well as one the wife of one of the most famous men in the world.

Beyonce has known since she was a child that she wanted to perform. She’s been in the music business since childhood, and she’s only getting better at it every year. The 34-year-old Texas native was born to a hairdresser and salon owner mother and a salesman father, and she has one younger sister. She is the mother of one daughter with her husband, and she is one of the most famous and most recognizable faces in the world. Beyonce began her career as a small child, singing and dancing whenever possible. She was only 7 when she was winning school singing competitions, and she joined a girl group when she was only 8 – along with future Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. They were local Houston singers and dancers and they performed all around the city, and they even appeared on Star Search, without a win.

It was 1998 when “No, no, no,” became a major hit and the group soared to fame. They became award winners. They became famous. They became fashion icons. Beyonce, though, always stood out from the group with her obvious talent and her beauty. She starred in several movies, and she released her first solo album only five years later in 2003. It was after that she decided that she would fulfill her obligations to release one more album with her group before parting ways and going solo in her career. She secretly married her longtime boyfriend Jay-Z in 2008 and did not make the announcement until close to six months later. She released her third studio album that year, and she continued her private life, keeping herself as far out of the public eye as possible. She also has a clothing line with her mother, she runs several other businesses and she recently introduced a line of diet foods and recipes to the public.

It was 2012 when she gave birth to her first and only child to date, and she has since been even more private than usual. As with any other star with so much fame, she has been the object of many rumors. However, the Queen Bey as she is often referred to, does not address the rumors. In fact, we cannot even remember the last time that she sat down and gave an actual interview. It seems she does not deal with the press any longer. She does not partake in social media unless she decides to on a very, very rare occasion and she keeps her life private. It might add to her allure, and it’s a well played publicity stunt on her behalf to keep herself so private that fans are clamoring to know more and keep her relevant longer than ever.

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