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DMX Net Worth

DMX Net Worth

DMX, or Earl Simmons as he was born, is a rapper and an actor with a net worth of -$10 million. Born in New York in 1970, he began to see his star rise in the 1990s as a rapper. He released seven hit albums and has sold more than 30 million records across the world. Though he does not regularly perform in the United States anymore, he does have a huge fan base overseas, but he cannot travel thanks to his overwhelming debts and his inability to use his passport because of them. While he was making money left and right at the height of his fame, he’s since become indebted to various creditors for approximately $10 million as the rapper reported in paperwork filed in Manhattan in 2013 when he filed for bankruptcy.

At the time, DMX claimed he only had around fifty thousand dollars in assets and more than ten million in debts. His various debts included more than a million dollars in back child support owed to his children as well as cars, real estate and other items he purchased and was unable to pay for without a steady source of income at the time. His childhood was not a pleasant one, with the rapper living in an abusive home. He spent much of his childhood in and out of group homes, and he was arrested on several occasions for various crimes. That kind of lifestyle is not one that the rapper left behind when he began to get more and more famous, either. The rapper has been arrested more than 20 times since 1998, most of his arrests for various crimes including being behind on his child support.

DMX might be a famous rapper, but his personal and his financial lives are not in order. The rapper is the father of 12 children, several of whom were conceived during extramarital affairs during his 11-year-marriage to his ex-wife, who is the mother of most of his kids. The two remain friends, but DNA testing proved later than the rapper was fathering children with other women when he was married, and he’s been ordered to pay those women millions in back child support so that they can raise his children for him.

Since he is in debt so much to various creditors, DMX’s attorney claimed that he’s been unable to travel overseas due to the inability to obtain a passport because of his death. The attorney claims that this is preventing the rapper from making more money as he does have a lively and active fan base in other countries and the ability to perform in those countries would give him a source of income. In the meantime, however, the rapper is looking at other forms of work. He said he was called to become a minister back in 2012 and he’s working to do that right now. He considers himself a devout Christmas and wants to give back to the world what he feels he was called on by God to do during one of his stints in jail.

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