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Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth

Drake is a Canadian actor and R&B singer with a net worth of approximately $75 million. He was born in Ontario, Canada in 1986 and he has been in the entertainment industry since 2001, which puts him working toward his fame at the tender age of only 15. Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the famous singer decided he would rather use just his middle name in his quest for fame, and it’s added a bit to it thanks to the mystery and the smooth sound of the name. His first major role – his breakthrough, if you will – was his role on Degrassi: The Next Generation, in which he portrayed Jimmy Brooks. Acting was his first love and was something that enabled him to work harder and earn fame as a singer.

He began his singing career as a rapper, but quickly realized that his smooth sound is better suited to R&B. In 2009, only 8 years after entering Hollywood, he signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and his career in music took off. At this point in his very successful career, he’s sold more than 10 million albums and has seen major success on tour, television and in his personal life. He’s got 12 – to date – number one singles on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hop Hop Songs chart, and that puts him in a better place than even Jay-Z, whom he passed on this list with more number one singles back in 2012.

His mother, a teacher, and his father, a drummer, were just a part of his desire to get into the music industry. Drake also has two uncles in the music business, and their prominence has enabled him to become more involved in the music industry as well as increase his desire to spend more time focusing on that aspect of his career. When his parents divorced, he spent a great deal of his time living between two homes and experiencing some serious discrimination. That’s when a friend’s father – an agent – asked Drake if he would like a role in a Canadian television show, and he had no idea at the time that it would begin his career in a way he never even thought possible.

Unfortunately, Canadian television does not pay nearly as much as American television, and he states that his net worth has nothing to do with the money he made acting in “Degrassi,” which he claims paid him annually less than his teacher mother made when she was in the classroom. That’s when he made it his business to release a mix tape of his own in 2006 feature Trey Songz and other famous names. That was something that began to shine the spotlight on his musical career, and people began taking note. Now he is an international superstar making a lot more money than he ever thought possible. Now he’s got a net worth more than most people will ever even imagine making in the course of their lifetimes and he’s not quite yet 29-years-old.

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