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Kelly Osbourne Net Worth

Kelly Osbourne Net Worth

Kelly Osbourne is a famous reality television star and host with a net worth of $15 million. She’s best known for being the daughter of famous rock star Ozzy Osbourne. She first became a household name when her family was chosen to participate in a reality show many years ago following their family around to see how they live. Ozzy Osbourne became famous as a rock star, but more so with his famously followed drug and alcohol addictions, his marriage issues and his wife Sharon’s life. The family is from London and has a bit of an accent left over from spending so much time there, but Kelly Osbourne has spent the better part of her life living in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles.

Born in 1984, she’s spent the vast majority of her life in the spotlight. Her father was already famous when she was born, and that meant growing up on tour buses, living in a rock and roll world and dealing with the kinds of issues that not many young people her age have had to deal with at such a young age. She famously battled addiction of her own, admitting that for many years she abused prescription drugs. She has since overcome her addiction after seeking help, and she keeps her recovery first and foremost in her mind on a regular basis.

Kelly Osbourne has her own Emmy award, which was given to her family in 2002 for being the Outstanding Reality Program of the year. It wasn’t long after that she was tapped to become a panelist on the hit show “Fashion Police,” on E! beside the late Joan Rivers, who passed in 2014. It was a difficult time for the reality star when her friend and mentor died, and she eventually left the show claiming that she did not want to participate in something if co-host Giuliana Rancic was to sit on the couch after her famous comments about Disney star Zendaya.

From there, Kelly Osbourne decided she would take roles in more than 20 movies. In each, she was herself. She was also a third place finalist on Dancing with the Stars, and she is also a singer. Most people are unaware that she has released two albums and that she takes after her famous rock star father. Most of her net worth is from her hosting gigs on television and other television appearances, though she likely will inherit a trust from her parents. Kelly Osbourne is only in her early 30s, but she has lived a very full and very lively existence, and she is in the best shape of her life at the moment. She decided years ago she would take control of her own life after beating her addictions, and she’s managed to do so with great success to this point. We dare say her net worth will continue to increase as she is given more roles on television, hosting and for reality television since she is so good in it.

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