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Lamar Odom Net Worth

Lamar Odom Net Worth

Lamar Odom is a professional basketball player with a net worth of $30 million. Despite his immense talent on the court, Lamar Odom is a professional athlete that has not done well for himself in his personal life. He has a long history of drug abuse, and was recently discovered unconscious with cocaine and other drugs in his system after a long weekend in a Las Vegas brothel. Fighting for his life, his medical care is in the hands of his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, who is still legally required to make medical decisions on his behalf as their divorce papers are still not legally filed despite signing them earlier in 2015.

His job is forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, and he’s managed to have a stellar career this far. He’s good at what he does, though he’s been in trouble several times with the team for showing up on drugs, drunk or going missing as a whole. Born in 1979, he’s a New York native who spent his childhood living with his heroin addicted father. His mother died of colon cancer with Odom was only 12, leaving him with his father and his rough lifestyle. Lamar Odom was then raised by his grandmother, who worked hard to ensure that he was in school and playing sports. He entered the NBA draft after his freshman year in college at the University of Rhode Island and was selected by the Clippers. He was the fourth pick overall in the 1999 draft. He was also the 2000 NBA All Rookie First Team selection that in his first year in the NBA.

Lamar Odom has three children with an ex-girlfriend, and he was famously married to reality television star Khloe Kardashian from 2009 to 2015. The couple met and married less than a month later, much to the shock and surprise of their families, but their marriage seemed to work out quite well. Lamar Odom was welcomed into the Kardashian family with love and affection, and he remains someone they family still cares for now that he’s no longer married to their family. Odom’s marriage to Kardashian is over because she could no longer control him and his drug abuse.

She’s stated several times for the record that she could only do so much to help him overcome his addictions, and that she can’t spend her life worried about him and trying to fix him. Until he can get his act together, she states that she loves him and wishes she was still married to him, but she won’t even consider a life with someone will not take care of himself. Lamar Odom’s net worth comes from his career as a pro baller. He earns $8.2 million per year playing for the Lakers, and he has played alongside some of the most famous players in the NBA. Despite popular opinion, Odom did not receive any of his net worth from his ex-wife in their divorce, as they were able to keep things clean and civil during the process.

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