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Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth

Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth

Lisa VanderPump is a reality television star, restaurant owner and businesswoman from the United Kingdom who currently lives in Los Angeles with a net worth of $65 million. Best known as one of the real housewives from the Beverly Hills version of the hit Bravo reality show, she is known widely for her accent, her adorable dog and her fun-loving husband. She’s got two grown children, and she owns several restaurants, including one that has its own reality show on which she is not the star but she does make several appearances on any given night. She has worked hard for her money, and she is not afraid of continuing to work hard for her success.

Her net worth is not made from television, however. She is a restaurateur, and she owns 25 restaurants now and before across the world. At just 55, she has authored a magazine column, owned 25 restaurants, raised two kids and starred on several reality television shows. She earns a half million per season on the Real Housewives, though we are not quite sure what her paycheck is on her other reality show, which is named after her. She’s been married to her husband, Ken, since 1982, and they share two children – the youngest of which is adopted.

Interestingly, Lisa VanderPump was not always interested in being an entrepreneur. She was a drama student by the time she was only 9, and she was acting when she was a child. However, she eventually went on to open up restaurants with her husband, all of which were designed by her. They moved to California during the course of their marriage, and it is there that they own two of the hottest restaurants and clubs in the area, Sur and Villa Blanca. Sur is the setting and location and primary storyline for her other hit reality television show, VanderPump Rules, in which cameras follow her staff around filming their personal lives and drama.

Lisa VanderPump and her husband Ken have a great relationship as you see on television. They are not afraid to be silly together, to be close and to show their affection for one another and for their dog. They were married in 1982 after having only known one another for six weeks. She was only 21 at the time, and he is 16 years her senior. The couple met, fell instantly in love and had to be married. Ken already owned one bar, and the two worked together to open two dozen more and change their lives forever. They have a daughter, Pandora, who was born in 1986, and their adopted son was born in 1991. Ken also has a son from a previous relationship, Warren Todd, who is a London real estate developer.

The couple is very charitable, and works very hard to raise money for the causes they feel are most important, and that means they’re frequently hosting events and fundraisers in their own restaurants, and they’re always supporting their favorite causes with donations. They have the money, and they know that they have to send it to those who need it, too.

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