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Mark Cuban Net Worth

Mark Cuban Net Worth

Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a reality television star and a businessman with a net worth around $3 billion. From a very early age, the billionaire has had his sights set on the business world. He knew and understood the value of a dollar at a very young age, often working hard when he was only a boy to earn money for the things he wanted. Mark Cuban began his very first business when he was only 12. He sold garbage bags as a way of making a profit so that he could buy himself a pair of tennis shoes. From there, he began taking on projects and starting his own businesses anytime he felt that the opportunity was right, and it’s paid him well.

He decided to skip his senior year in high school so that he could dual enroll at the University of Pennsylvania. He decided after one year there to transfer to another school. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Kelley School of Business, which he chose because it was not only a top 10 business school but also because the tuition was least expensive there. He moved to Dallas a year after he graduated and began working for a software company. However, he made the decision on morning to meet with a client rather than open the store he was working for, and he was fired. It all worked out for Mark Cuban, however, since he’d been procuring clients from the store during the year he was there so that he could begin his own software company.

Successful as it was, he decided only 8 years later to sell the company. It was 1990 and the business sold for $6 million. Five years later, he and a fellow college grad began Audionet, which was a huge Broadcast system that sold four years later to Yahoo for almost $6 billion.

Over the course of the next decade, Mark Cuban and some various business partners made the decision to acquire a number of companies, and they became wealthier each year. In 2000, he purchased the majority ownership of the Dallas Mavericks from H. Ross Perot Jr. and he’s been able to ensure that the team increased their winning record and became an even more impressive team. Something that really stands out about Mark Cuban is that he’s not like other CEOs and billionaires who might attend a game here and there dressed in a suit and in a luxury box. He sits on the floor with the fans and the players and he attends almost every game throughout the year. He has a very active role in the business.
Despite the fact that he has managed to accumulate millions in fines being a poor sport on the sidelines, he loves his job and has continued to do just that. His other business ventures have helped him to accumulate his impressive wealth, and he also works as an investor on the hit reality show, Shark Tank.

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