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Ramona Singer Net Worth

Ramona Singer Net Worth

Ramona Singer is one of the Real Housewives from New York City, and she has a net worth of approximately $18 million. She rose to fame when she was cast as a housewife, though most people love to talk about her as the real housewife with a very distinct love of Pinot Grigio. She’s known to say that she enjoys making her own money because she feels that it’s an aphrodisiac. Since she began her career as a real housewife, though, Ramona Singer’s life has change significantly. Her once happy 22-year marriage to husband Mario is now over after she found him involved in a long-term relationship with a NYC socialite almost half his age.

The couple decided to work through their marriage for a time, but when Ramona Singer found out her husband was still seeing his mistress, she decided it was time to call it quits and filed for divorce. She has a daughter in college, and she is now working harder than ever to get through this difficult time in her life. She makes the vast majority of her fortune in the fashion business. She’s a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and she’s the creator and founder of RMS Fashions, Inc. Her job is to purchase fashion from wholesalers when they are unable to sell their entire line and she then sells them to discount stores.

She’s also the founder of several other lines that include both jewelry and skincare products. She’s created Tru Renewal, which is a line of skincare products she swears will make you look younger and more gorgeous than ever. She’s also got a jewelry line called Truth Faith Jewelry as well as line she sells exclusively on Amazon and another she sells exclusively on the Home Shopping Network. However, we strongly suspect that her favorite job of all is her win label, which is called Ramona Pinot Grigio. She developed the line made exclusively in Italy and sold in a number of retailers across the world. She donates the vast majority of the money she earns from her wine to domestic abuse being that she grew up watching her mother as she was abused by her father. She wants other women and their children to escape domestic violence with shelters and other resources, and she is very generous in giving to that organization.

With a net worth of more than $18 million, she’s a housewife that’s doing quite well for herself. In fact, Ramona Singer might just be among the wealthiest of the housewives, and she’s not afraid to show off her wealth with lavish trips and her expensive taste in fashions. But she’s also making her own money, which means she could lose some of it in the process of her divorce from her long-time husband. Ramona’s reality television lifestyle does not pay her much in comparison to her other business ventures, but she does earn a half million dollars per season for her role as a housewife in New York.

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