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Ron Pratte Net Worth

Ron Pratte Net Worth

Ron Pratte is a car collector with a net worth of approximately $350 million. His fortune was made when he became the founder and CEO of Pratte Development Company, Inc., a massive concrete foundation and wood framing company in the United States. The company is one he began many years ago, and his car collection is perhaps what he is most famous for. He spent decades of his life collecting rare and expensive vehicles, and many of them are worth millions. He’s known for attending auctions, particularly in the Arizona area where he calls his home base, and spending millions on vehicles to add to his collection.

In 2014, Ron Pratte announced he would sell his entire car collection at auction, though no reason was given. His net worth was already in the hundreds of millions, so the idea that money could be his motivating factor was out the window. In January 2015, Ron Pratte sold every single one of his antique, classic and amazing vehicles at auction for just over $40 million. While there is no real reason known for the sale of his amazing car collection, one can speculate that perhaps it is like the sale of his company, which he sold to the Pulte Home group just before the economy crashed, making hundreds of millions of dollars and resting easy when the housing market went through hell and back.

What is most interesting about Ron Pratte is that very little is actually known about the elusive multi-millionaire. He does not give interviews, he is rarely seen in public and he keeps to himself most of the time. Try as they might, the press does not get much information from him and he does not make it a habit to give his personal business any attention when it’s made public – whether it is to confirm or deny whatever it is that’s being said about him at the moment. He began his business many years ago, and he made the decision to sell it at a time that was beyond convenient and very fortunate. Had he waited only a few years, he would have been going through the economic downfall that most of the rest of the country went through. He was able to net millions from the sale of his business without every feeling the worry.

Pratte Development Company, Inc. is a very well-known development company in the Phoenix area. From what very little is actually known about Ron Pratte, he began the company many years ago as a small operation and managed to grow significantly in the state before the sale of the company. He specialized in manufacturing structural wood products made for building homes, and he was a major player in the building game. The company is one of the largest and most famous in the company, and most people who worked with and for the company have nothing but nice and impressive things to say about both Ron Pratte and the way he handled his business when he was the CEO.

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