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Tom Cruise Net Worth

Tom Cruise Net Worth

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors in the world, and he has a net worth of approximately $470 million. Born and raised in Syracuse, New York in 1962, the 53-year-old actor has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Whether people are emulating one of his many movie roles or mocking his love of the controversial religion known as scientology, or perhaps even still laughing about that time he jumped on Oprah’s couch to tell the world he was in love with Katie Holmes, people are always talking about Tom Cruise. It’s part of his appeal; he’s a heartthrob that many of us have grown up with, and he does not seem to be going anywhere. He’s been involved in drama since he was in the fourth grade living in Canada where his father was a part of the Canadian Armed Forces.

It was not until 1981 that he was given his first small role in a movie called “Endless Love,” in which he followed up with a leading role in a relatively unknown film by the name of “Taps,” before he really became famous. In 1983, he and an ensemble cast starred in “The Outsiders,” which was enough to make him a household name. However, it was “Risky Business” the same year that made the world stop and pay attention to Tom Cruise. This was not your everyday actor; he was going places. When he starred in “Top Gun,” in 1986, the world could not deny that Tom Cruise was a mega-successful super star. Since then, he’s gone on to star in 36 major motion pictures over the course of his 30+ year career. Some of his more famous roles are in films such as “Mission: Impossible,” “Rock of Ages,” “Vanilla Sky,” “Interview with a Vampire,” “A Few Good Men,” “Days of Thunder,” and “Jerry Maguire,” though most everything he’s starred in has been a box office sensation.

It’s these movies and the billions they’ve earned in the box office that have provided Tom Cruise with such as substantial net worth. His personal life has actually cost him a bit. He’s a three-time divorced man with three children, though only his daughter Suri is his biological child. He married Mimi Rogers in 1987 and divorced her in 1989. It was Rogers that introduced the actor to Scientology and got him interested in this religion. Tom Cruise then famously  married actress Nicole Kidman in 1989 and married her 1990, only 10 months after his divorce was finalized. It was then the couple decided that they would adopt two children, Connor and Isabella. He then married Katie Holmes in 2006 when their daughter was only a few months old. Holmes left Cruise in 2012, after rumors circulated that their marriage was arranged by the church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise continues to act in movies taking on leading roles as a super hero and a heartthrob. At 53, he still looks as good as he did in his 30s, which has led many people to mistake him for much younger. He will continue to earn revenue from his films as well as continue to star in them, which will only increase his significant net worth.

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