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Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler Perry is one of the most famous men and famous faces in all of Hollywood, as well as an actor, director and producer with a net worth of $450 million. His annual salary is somewhere around $80 million, and he’s making bank like it’s his business (which it is). He is the comedic genius behind movies such as “Madea” and many others, and he’s got more fans that most people know what to do with. He’s close friends with Oprah Winfrey, he’s a private man and you don’t see much of him on the red carpet or in the press. It’s pretty impressive for a man with a career like Perry’s.

Tyler Perry has gone down in history already for his movies, and he’s found the most ingenuous way of doing business. He is the writer, producer and director – as well as star – of most of his films, so not only does he make them all on a budget, he gets to claim the vast majority of profits for himself since he does not bother with hiring others to help him with the movies. He’s earned more than $600 million in the box office just off his most prominent films, and he’s the only director in the world to have five of his movies open in the number one spot in five years’ time. No other director has been able to do that in his or her career.

Growing in a household in which he was abused by a number of different family members, Perry turned to writing to release his emotions. This helped him not only overcome the abuse he was subject to as a young man, but also to gain a following. Long before he was famous as a director or producer he sold more than $100 million worth of tickets to his plays in Atlanta, causing him to decide that Hollywood was the right decision for him. His father’s answer to life’s problems was abuse, and his mother tried to negate that effect on her three children by taking her children to church every weekend. At 16, he legally changed his name from Emmitt Perry Jr. to Tyler Perry in an effort to put himself as far from his father and his legacy as possible.

Tyler Perry is not married, but he and his longtime girlfriend did welcome their first child together in 2014, a little boy. The actor lives and works out of Georgia, where he is currently building an environmentally friendly home for himself and his family, and he likes to keep his private life as private as possible. He was in the press in 2012 for a while because he was announced as being one of the highest paid men in Hollywood after earning nearly $130 million in the course of one year. At only 46, he is one of the most successful men in the business, and it’s all because he wanted to be something completely different than his father who raised him and hurt him.

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